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1 million Samsung Galaxy Notes sold worldwide

We’ll be honest, we did a double take the first time we clapped eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Really? 5.3-inches you say? Poppycock!

Then we got to play with one properly and our minds changed. It’s an amazing bit of kit. It’s not without it’s faults and it is pricey, but that hasn’t stopped a world crippled by global recession from digging deep and snapping up Samsung Galaxy Notes left right and centre.

Samsung has proudly announced that its shipped it’s millionth unit since the big launch in October, and the device hasn’t even gone on sale in the US yet. Ever since we spied that lovely all-white LTE-toting edition, we’re guessing that folks in the States will be treated to 4G-able versions of the Galaxy Note in black and white.

What we’d really like to see of course is a pink one. If Samsung can do it for the Galaxy S2 then they can crack out the pink crayons for the Galaxy Note as well.

Source: Sammy Hub


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