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30 NVIDIA Tegra 3 phones coming this year

The Tegra name is well respected in the mobile world. NVIDIA’s chip has seen increasing popularity with manufacturers, with the latest member of the family, the Tegra 3, arriving on tablets like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime last year and now coming to phones like HTC’s One X.

At the annual investors meeting yesterday, Mike Rayfield, General Manager for Nvidia outlined the future of Tegra 3 in 2012 and things are hotting up. The Verge note that not only are Tegra 3 chipsets set to feature in a far larger number of handsets, but users can expect more affordable Tegra 3 devices too.

Tegra 3

All in all, a total of 30 new Tegra 3 endowed handsets are lining up to make it to market this year across key regions like the US and Europe. 13 of these new phones are said to have a transfer (not retail) price of less than $300.

What’s more, the company is looking into bringing Tegra capabilities to LTE devices. Of course this currently only affects the markets like the US (LTE is still undergoing trials in the UK), but the technology in development will mean faster processors for LTE users, currently dubbed ‘Grey’ processors. A known limitation of LTE presently is that it is only compatible with dual-core chipsets.

We’ll bring you more information about any future NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices when we get it.


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