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Acer Liquid E Ferrari special edition: Joey Tribiani would buy it

If you’re a big fan of the prancing horse but can’t afford to have a real Ferrari sitting in your drive, then Acer may just have the answer. The Acer Liquid E Ferrari edition smartphone is not quite as impressive but just as flashy.

As announced at Mobile World Congress this year, the limited edition handset will run Android 2.1, with special Ferrari wallpaper to brighten up those numerous home screens (see below for proof). Purportedly the most exclusive smartphone in the world, the Ferrari special edition of Acer’s high-end Liquid E smartphone will also feature a bright Ferrari-red case with chrome trim, pre-loaded Ferrari car images and videos and a special set of ringtones allowing you to personalise your phone with “the inimitable sweet music of the Ferrrari engine” – more commonly known to the automotive philistines among us as noise.

As if all that wasn’t enough to prove your love for and devotion to the Ferrari brand, you can also accessorise the handset with a Ferrari-branded Bluetooth headset – you little style icon, you. I understand that Ferrari jackets and caps and keyrings and folders and laptops are also available. Go wild.

The Liquid E Ferrari edition handset should be available in mid-July; there’s no word on prices yet but we’d expect them to be pretty high.



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