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Angry Birds Rio: Flying to you on a samba beat. We play it and get stuck.

Tying into the forthcoming feature film, coming April 2011, Angry Birds Rio is the very latest version of the App chart-topping birdie-chuck’em-up.

We’ve had a good play a day before its official release in the UK. (We’ve linked to the app below, and, once it’s officially released over here tomorrow, it should work.)

This time, the gang have been kidnapped, and dragged away from their dear eggs, all the way to Rio.

So, unsurprisingly, they’re angry, and it isn’t long until they burst out, and start fighting for bird freedom- which sends a better message than the previous game’s theme of fowl on swine warfare.

The game menus blasts out a catchy Rio theme tune, and after a speedy intro, you’re straight into the game. (We didn’t come to Angry Birds for a stirring plot-line)

Compared to the most recent St. Patrick’s update, the backgrounds have had a bit of a scrub-up, but its unmistakably Angry Birds, even with all the recent business interest, plush toys .etc.

We’re currently chugging through the games first levels, three-star grabbing pros will probably get right into the game in under an hour, and breeze through the warehouse levels. (We we’re so proud of our three-star-in -one-play miracle, that we made it a screenshot.)

You’re then trekking through the jungle, and the adventures continues. You’ll also encounter monkeys (the new pigs?) and boss battles with that nefarious looking white parrot.)

We’re not so blessed with bird-throwing skills, but we’re slowing progressing through those initial stages at the moment. (Tiny Wings is also taking up our commute gaming time.)

There’s also a new achievements section, with gold-plated trophies for those that fulfil certain criteria. Not sure exactly what those criteria are, but all in good time. We need to get out of the jungle first.


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