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Angry Birds Seasons hatches 15 new Easter levels on iOS and Android

Is there any better way to kick off a four-day Easter weekend than with 15 new Angry Birds levels? Actually, yes. Catching up with old friends in the pub, visiting the folks, petting a cat to name a few.

But we’re not one to look a gift pig in the snout – the 15 new levels are available to download now from iTunes and the Android Market. 

As was revealed last week the greens and golds of the St. Patrick’s Day edition have been swapped in favour of chocolate eggs and bunny ears. How sweet.

If you’ve already got the apps installed, you should already have received the update notification. If you’ve not got the seasonal edition of the popular bird slinger, head over to the App Store now and pick it up for 59p, or if you’re of the Android persuasion, you can download a free, ad-supported version.


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