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Angry Birds update adds new levels

Everybody’s favourite bird-catapulting game Angry Birds has received its latest update for iPhone, adding more levels that conclude the Mine and Dine section of the game.

Update version 1.6:3 landed today, offering the following updates:
– 15 pig-smacking new levels
– Epic conclusion of Mine and Dine
– Mighty Eagle still in business: Buy once, unlimited use!

The last update 1.6.0 introduced the first 15 levels of cave-themed level Mine and Dine, which included collectible jewels and stalactites for popping burrowing pigs.

Might Eagle is an in-app purchase. 79p lets you call on a Mighty Eagle, which can defeat the pigs for you.

Even though it has been out for a while, the Angry Birds success story seems to be continuing and it recently joined the Google Plus stable of games. Although we recently reported that Rovio, (the company behind Angry Birds) is in the process of being sued for patent violation by Lodsys.

The update is totally free and will as an update in the App Store on your handset. Android owners unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the update, it is only available for Apple iOS at the moment; we checked on our Samsung Galaxy S2 today and it was still running version 1.6.2, although hopefully the update will be available soon.

Are you still an Angry Birds fan? What’s the new update like? Let us know via @recombu Twitter or Facebook.


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