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Another reason why the Nokia 808 Pure View is cool

Sat in the Nokia press area at Mobile World Congress, we didn’t really pay any special attention to the giant canvas that dominated one side of the wall. Mobile World Congress is such a sensory overload that a gigantic picture of a skateboarder isn’t likely to raise any eyebrows at a first glance.

This was until we noticed a pair of workmen screwing a sign in to place. The sign, which you can see bottom right, reads ‘Shot with Nokia 808 Pure View prototype. The next breakthrough in photography.’

We’re not totally sure if this has been blown up or reduced or it’s the actual size of a 41-megapixel image. It’s pretty cool nonetheless don’t you think? That is, if crisp, high-def stills of daredevil abseiling taken with a Nokia 808 Pure View weren’t really doing it for you.

Disclaimer: that’s our water bottle and laptop over on the right hand side.


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