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Apple iPad 3: Unveiling on the 7th of March?

Apple iPad 3 rumoured to have similar design to iPad 2Wednesday the 7th of March – that’s when Apple will be unveiling the next-gen iPad 3 to the world according to the latest rumours. Unnamed informers talking to iMore are saying that the new Apple iPad will be unveiled at an event a week after the fun and games of Mobile World Congress.

This date fits with what we heard last week, but is all still speculation pending any official PR fanfare from Apple.

A quad-core Apple A6 CPU is (again) on the cards, as is a 9.7-inch 2048×1536 Retina Display – all things we’ve heard before despite reservations of quad-core being a reality on the iPad 3.

LTE radios aren’t confirmed, largely due to LTE not being available in all regions, though it’s possible a 4G/LTE version of the iPad 3 will arrive later, targeted at specific networks and specific markets. In the UK, the regulatory consultation for 4G rollout is due to begin this year, ahead of any actual commerical deployment.

Last week we saw what was being reported as outer cases for the iPad 3, which bear a great resemblance to how the iPad 2 looks. Cases hinted at many things including bigger cameras, a bigger battery and a different processor.

No word on when the iPad 3 would be hitting the shelves either, though traditionally it’s usually some two weeks post-event unveiling that the iOS slates will be in shops. Either way, we’ll know exactly what the score is, one way or another, next month.


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