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Apple iPad Air 2: In a nutshell

As details and photos of the Apple iPad Air 2 leak online, we take a short-but-sweet look at this sixth full-sized iPad and its features, including possible UK price and release date.

Apple is set to launch its latest iPad tablets on October 16th – a new full-sized 10-inch Air as well as a new 7.9-inch Mini. Here’s all you need to know, in an easily-digestible form.

Apple iPad Air 2: In a nutshell
Apple iPad Air 2: In a nutshell

Apple iPad Air 2: Design

Thanks to ‘insider sources’, we know a fair bit about the alleged iPad Air 2 design. Unsurprisingly the tablet will look much like the original iPad Air, but now half a millimetre thinner, with no mute button and a single speaker grill. We’ll also apparently see a gold version, if you want to rock it ‘90s style.

Apple iPad Air 2: Features

The home button may look the same on the new iPad Air 2, but it’s now Touch ID ready, so you can scan your fingerprint to unlock the tablet. Apple has also added in NFC support for Apple Pay, which won’t be hitting the UK until 2015 now.

Inside the iPad Air 2 you’ll find Apple’s latest A8 processor and either 32, 64 or 128GB of storage space.

The iPad Air 2’s front-facing FaceTime camera has been boosted so you can hold 720p video chats, while the iSight camera on the back is now an 8-megapixel snapper like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. You’ll still look like a prat taking shots with this iPad, but at least you’ll get crisp results, with full support for super slow-mo video.

Apple iPad Air 2: UK price and release date

Apple is launching the iPad Air 2 next week on October 16th, so we’d expect to see them hitting UK stores at the end of October or start of November. With the 16GB model eliminated, expect to see the new tablets priced from £399 for the 32GB version with Wi-Fi. A 4G model should also be available from £499.


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