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Apple iPad Pro delayed until autumn 2015

The iPad Pro is a mysterious beast, occasionally rising above the murky mire to taunt us with its mighty 12-inch screen, but fresh rumours have it staying submerged until spring 2015.

According to new reports, Apple’s iPad Pro, the 12.2-inch version of the hugely successful iPad, now won’t be launching until the third quarter of 2015 – that’s a full nine months later than initial rumours suggested. Macotakara claims that the delay is due to the company putting the new device on the back burner, to crank up production of the recently released iPhone 6 Plus.

iPad Pro_shopped

So, it now looks like the iPad Pro could now be set for a release alongside the next iPhone in September 2015.

It’s rumoured that the device, which Apple hopes will take on the likes of Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 12.2 Pro, will feature Touch ID, 2GB RAM and a higher quality screen than that of the current iPad Air 2. It has also been claimed, by a source credited as ‘reliable’, that the tablet will impressively only be 7mm thick – pretty damn slender considering the enormous screen it’s expected to carry.

It’s unclear whether this delay will see the iPad Pro struggle against a potentially entrenched Microsoft Surface Pro in the enterprise market, but it surely isn’t something which is pleasing the top brass at Apple. As we reported only yesterday, the Apple Watch launch has been put off until ‘spring time’ (whenever that may turn out to be), so another delay is surely going to impact Apple’s bottom line in the long run.

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