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Apple iPad redesign to prevent overheating

The 3rd generation iPad is set to undergo a minor redesign in an attempt to save users from burning their hands and laps. More accurately, the latest iPad will undergo revisions to make it safer and more efficient following tests and reports demonstrating its tendency to overheat.

Apple’s latest iPad attracted major attention when it was released earlier this year. Running the latest version of iOS 5.1.1 out of the box and sporting the highest resolution display of any tablet commercially available to this day, it’s an impressive device which was able to attract some three million sales in its first three days of availability, so what’s the problem?

hot iPad

A redesign has been confirmed from within Apple’s supply line, who told DigiTimes that following reports of overheating in the newest iteration of the company’s prize tablet, a new battery layout is in the works which should help reduce heat buildup in the device. Interestingly, a byproduct of the battery redesign is that this new iPad 3 is expected to be slightly thinner and lighter than in its current form. The redesign is also said to include a widening of the camera lens surround, but it’s uncertain as to why this is necessary.

Other clues point to the new iPad 3 arriving in the latter half of the year (expected to be Q4), as Sharp are said to be ramping up production of their IGZO panels, typically used by Apple for the iPad, in conjunction with production from both Samsung Display and LG Display.


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