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Apple iPhone 4S coming to O2 October 14th

Following the announcement earlier this evening of the new iPhone 4S, O2 is the first UK carrier to confirm it will be selling the handset. Apple’s latest wonder-phone will be available from its launch date of October 14th.

However, there’s no news on pricing for the new smartphone, although we expect this to become apparent in the next couple of days.

O2 has of course had a longstanding relationship with Apple, ever since the initial iPhone launched exclusively on the network, continuing until the 3GS launched.

After months of speculation Apple announced the next-generation iPhone this afternoon, it wasn’t a complete refresh as many people, expected, but an incremental leap. Cosmetically it looks very similar, but boasts a dual-core processor for faster performance; an 8-megapixel camera with full HD movie capture and new features like Siri Voice assist.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4S start on October 7th, find out more from O2.

Will you be upgrading to the new iPhone? Or are you happy with an iPhone 4? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

Source: O2


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