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Apple iPhone 4S on sale today

Today after months of waiting you can finally get your hands on the new iPhone.

Whether you’ve already ordered your iPhone or are hoping to get one today, it’s likely to be another popular success for Apple. On launch in the US, the iPhone 4S sold one million units (pre-order) in 24 hours.

We’ve been tracking the iPhone 4S since it was first announced to see what deals are available on UK networks. All of whom – with the exception of Virgin Mobile – are selling the phone.

Tesco Mobile currently offers some of the cheapest iPhone 4S details. The 16GB version will cost £335 on a £25 a month contract – the cheapest you can get at this monthly cost. To get the phone free, you are looking at around £41-£46 a month.

New features of the iPhone 4S include a dual-core processor, enhanced graphics performance and better camera, it doesn’t look drastically different to the iPhone 4S.

If you aren’t investing in an iPhone 4S, you can of course download iOS 5, which adds many features. Check out what we thought of it here.

Of course, the launch of a new iPhone means you should be able to get existing models at slightly cheaper prices. If you’re unsure, which handset to buy, check out our guide.

Have you pre-ordered an iPhone 4S? Or are you going to buy one this weekend? Let us know below and on Facebook and Twitter.