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Apple iPhone fans are most loyal, says survey

Brace yourselves, readers: a new survey has revealed that iPhone users are the least likely among mobile owners to switch to another brand of handset.

The survey, conducted by UBS, questioned 515 smartphone users on what it would take to get them to abandon their current handset manufacturer of choice. Apple led the pack, with only 11% admitting they’d consider defecting from the Church of Jobs. HTC came in second, with 33% branding themselves HTC for life, followed by RIM and its legion of Crackberry adicts at 33%, then Samsung at 28%, Motorola at 25% and finally Nokia, with just 22% of its customers standing by it through its transition to Windows Phone 7.

That Apple holds an 89% loyal fanbase will come as no surprise (who else but an Apple fan would camp outside an Apple Store for a month to get their hands on an iPhone?), but for Apple the figure will actually be disappointing – this time last year, 95% of Apple fans said they were iPhone devotees. No doubt this drop is down to the fantastic range of Android smartphones we’ve seen in the 12-month interim period – the Samsung Galaxy S2, the HTC Sensation, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and the LG Optimus 2X, to name a few).

But with rumours that the already-delayed next generation of Apple’s iPhone may turn out to be not much more than a slightly nippier iPhone 4, will Apple take a further tumble in the loyalty stakes next year? Don’t forget to have your own say on the matter in this year’s Recombu awards.


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