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Apple iPhone: Free homescreen settings shortcuts without hacking

A free web app from developer 1Tapp enables iOS users to create shortcuts on their iPhone homescreen for settings including: WiFi and Bluetooth.

Although Apple’s iOS 5 brought some long overdue improvements, including swipe-down and lock-screen notifications; it didn’t add shortcuts for settings like WiFi and Bluetooth – something that Android has been offering for a while.

However there is a solution, which doesn’t involve jailbreaking. The 1TapSettings WebApp let you download shortcuts to key features found in the Settings menu – including: Bluetooth, WiFi, Network, Airplane Mode, Hotspot, Location, Brightness, Sound and Accessibility – to your homescreen.

When you want to launch – for example – WiFi, tap the icon and the yellow 1Tapps screen appears before taking you through to the menu with one tap (or 1Tapp). It takes around two seconds to get to a feature – which we still found quicker than launching the Settings menu and of course you can position these shortcuts anywhere on your homescreens.

1Tapps also produces other shortcut apps. These include the FaceTime, Skype, SMS, Mail, Photo and Video and unlike the webapps these aren’t free and cost 69p.

To download the shortcuts go to the iTapps website, click iTapSettings WebApp and choose which shortcuts you want to download. If like us you are a bit fed up of having to delve into the Settings menu all the time, we’d suggest installing a couple of these shortcuts on your iPhone.

Source: 1Tapps


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