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Apple launch event drinking game: Celebrate new Macbooks by getting twatted

Apple’s big Macbook launch event is tonight and to make it extra fun, why not indulge in some horrific alcohol abuse with our Apple launch drinking game?

Apple launches can be rather dry if you’re not a tech obsessive, not to mention long. Even the shortest Apple event comes dangerously close to nudging the two-hour mark, making them just as long as the Steve Jobs movie which chronicles years of his bloody life.

So to make Apple launches more fun, we devised this handy drinking game. Every time something in the below lists happens on stage, down the recommended amount of your favourite booze. By the end, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be emptying your entire stomach contents, and chances are you won’t remember much about whatever it was that Apple launched.

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Apple launch event drinking game: Take a sip if…

Zane Lowe says something annoying

You hear a Taylor Swift song

Tim Cook mentions a statistic

The audience claps for no real reason

Sexy tech money shot

Apple launch event drinking game: Take a gulp if…

An Apple boffin slags off/has a subtle dig at Samsung or Microsoft

You see an Apple slogan that’s utterly meaningless (‘bigger than bigger’; ‘this changes everything’ etc)

There’s an awkward skit involving gormless smiling celebrities

Jony Ive says something that you don’t understand

The audience cheers for no real reason

Someone on stage gets very excited or talks in length about a ‘new’ feature that Android/Windows has had for years

You spot an emoji

Apple launch event drinking game: Down your drink if…

Tim Cook makes a knob joke

U2 appears (actually, screw it – if you see Bono, turn the launch off and down all of the booze in your house)

Remember, drinking excessively is bad for you, kiddies. You should absolutely ignore this Apple launch event drinking game and be sensible and stuff.