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Apple Watch launch event: The Blog

Apple is launching its Watch for the second time at 5pm GMT, Monday March 9th, and we’ll be here eating cold pizza and drinking heart-exploding caffeine drinks to bring you all of the hot sexy news, the same as every other tech website on Earth. Here’s our all-you-need-to-know coverage leading up to the big unveil of Apple’s already-launched smartwatch…

2.30pm – A complete round-up of Apple Watch in 100 words (ish)

Still 150 minutes until Tim Cook takes to the stage to throw back the curtain for a second time on the Apple Watch, which was already launched at Apple’s big Cupertino event in September 2014.

Of course, after that first launch, the Apple Watch hit unsteady waters. For a start, it emerged that the battery life was poo. Between two to four hours of app use is poor even for a wearable, and we weren’t filled with confidence when news circulated that Apple’s grand plan to extend battery life was ‘use it less‘.

Then we heard that the Watch would be delayed well past the anticipated Christmas launch date. Considering most manufacturers have already had at least one stab at creating a smartwatch and are already working on the (hopefully vastly) improved second version, we also wonder if the ship has already sailed for Apple’s Watch before it even hits stores.

2.45pm – Something a bit more optimistic…

Wow, that was a dour opener right there. Sorry guys. Here’s something to get excitment levels smashing up through the roof again: 16 awesome amazing things you can do with the Apple Watch.

3pm – Getting excited!

The Recombu staff is all jazzed about the launch now it’s just two hours away…

4.30pm – Mad panic

Oh god oh god oh god it starts in half an hour. Christ, where’s the bloody alcohol? I can’t do this without at least a crate of beer and some beef and onion crisps.

4.40pm – Despair

I bet this live blog isn’t even on page 20 of Google, buried under all those other blogs. Proper blogs that are now talking about the exact music that’s playing in the auditorium, and how many funny Wi-Fi network names there are. God, I’m depressed.

4.50pm – Okay, here we go…

Hold onto your cholostomy bag peeps, tha launch is kicking off in ten minutes! Check out our Apple Watch news piece for all the highlights of the launch event…

5.15pm – Nothing so far…

Just a few random back-slapping stats from tim so far, including 700 million phones sold so far. Also, Apple TV is dropping in price from $99 to $69 and Apple TV will get HBO in time for Game of Thrones series five, hitting our tellies next month! Except if you’re in the UK, you don’t get diddly!


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