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Apple world’s largest smartphone manufacturer

According to the latest research Apple is the word’s larges smartphone manufacturer, leapfrogging Nokia and RIM, although Samsung shows the biggest growth.

Research firm Canalys says that Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones in Q2 2011 giving it a 19.1% market share – this is an impressive increase of 141.7% from 8.4 million in the same quarter last year.

However Jobs etc shouldn’t be complacent. Samsung recorded the biggest rise, shipping 17.3 million units and giving the Korean consumer electronics giant a 16.2% market share, a whopping increase of 380.6%. No doubt due to the huge success of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The smartphone industry as a whole has seen a 65% increase in sales, from 64.4 million to 106.5 million.

Interestingly, although RIM has posted an income slump, in terms of market share the Canadian company has still shipped more units than HTC. Blackberry manufacturer RIM also increased it’s market share by 10.7%, a rise from 11.2 million to 12.4 million units. This contrasts with HTC’s 11.7 million units.

According to the research the biggest losses were made by Nokia, with a 30.4% drop from 24 million to 16.7 million, although Nokia is still the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Source: Engadget


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