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Armenia enters smartphone and tablet age with Armphone and Armtab

Not content with giving the world… er…. something, Armenia readies its next big exports: A new tablet and smartphone.

The Republic of Armenia is famous for many things. Many distinctly Armenian, famous things… Many. It’s just that we can’t quite think of any right now; and that’s our failing, entirely. Lucky then that the leaders of said country loitering somewhere near Turkey have set out to remind us of their famous-thing dominance with the unveiling of the Armphone and Armtab…

Armenia. We think.

Set to start shaking store shelves over there just after New Year’s Day next year, the Armenian-game-changing prototypes of the Armphone and Armpad were presented before members of the mountainous country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia’s (Thanks, Wiki.) government late last week, marking Armenia as only the second ex-Soviet state to move into the smart mobile device manufacturing market following Russia.

Both Android-run phone and tab were designed in Armenia but will be pieced together in Hong Kong and the US in what the inventors, Technology and Science Dynamics/Armtab Technologies, are describing as an Armenian-American joint-venture. Although expected to only create localised ripples to begin with, it is hoped that the low cost of the Arm-options (ranging from around £140 to £180 for a 16GB tablet) will eventually attract international interest.

The director of the somewhat long-winded and business card-challenging Technology and Science Dynamics/Armtab Technologies, Vahan Shakaryan, said they had already developed working models of the tablet featuring 3G and Wi-Fi capability and screen sizes of 7.85-, 9-, 9.7- and 10.1-inches, along with a sample of its forthcoming smartphone. Which, given the oncoming on-sale deadline they’ve set themselves must be reassuring.

How rivals will react to Armenia elbowing its way into the smart action remains to be seen, but there’s no doubting that Armenia is firmly back on the famous-map.

Oh, Kim Kardashian is half-Armenian?! Right. Blimey, who knew?! Sooooo, who’s Kim Kardashian?

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