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Best LG G5 cases: tested and reviewed

We test and review the best new LG G5 cases, to keep your phone safe and scratch-proof.

The LG G5 is already pretty tough with its sleek metallic design, but if you want to keep those sexy surfaces free from scratches and dents, and make sure your G5 survives in the case of a sudden drop, then you should wrap it in one of the following cases.

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VRS Design Crystal Bumper for LG G5

The Crystal Bumper case from Verus adds a layer of protection to your G5, wrapping around the entire back and edges of the phone to keep it safe in the case of a nasty plummet. You get a choice of coloured edging, but the rest of the Bumper is transparent, so your G5’s good looks aren’t masked.

Caseology LG G5 Wavelength Series (£17.99)

This super-rugged Wavelength case from Caseology is one of the toughest cases you can wrap around your LG G5, absorbing the impact from an unexpected tumble. The bezels stick out above the screen to protect the display too, and of course you get easy access to all of the G5’s ports and the fingerprint sensor. That wavy black finish might not be particularly exciting, but the version with the gold edging adds a splash of colour.

Olixar FlexiShield LG G5 Gel Case

If you’re after a slim and colourful LG G5 case, the Olixar Flexishield is a solid option. The FlexiShield snaps tightly onto your G5, barely adding any bulk at all, with a rubbery texture that sticks nicely to your palm. It comes in a range of colours, which makes a change from the usual transparent and black covers, so your G5 can really stand out from the crowd.

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