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LG G5 Tips and Tricks: The G5’s best hidden features

Our LG G5 tips and tricks guide will help you to get started with the G5 and get the most from your shiny new phone, including tips on getting better battery life, replacing the apps tray, backing up your important data and more. Scroll to the bottom for a video showing you how to do these tips and tricks.

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How to bring back the apps tray on the LG G5

If you don’t want all of your apps clogging up your desktops, you can bring back the apps tray from the LG G4.

All you need to do is tap on LG’s SmartWorld app and search for ‘LG Home 4.0’. Download this and then head to your G5’s Settings menu. Tap the Display tab, then select Home screen. In here, you’ll notice that the first option is ‘Select Home’. Tap this and you should see ‘Home(UX 4.0)’ listed. Select that option and your apps tray will be restored to the LG G5’s desktops.

How to hide apps on the LG G5 desktops

If you don’t want a full-on apps tray (see above), but there are some apps which you’d like to hide away all the same because you never use them, then head to Settings > Display and then Home Screen. Scroll down to ‘Hide Apps’ and from this menu you can tick exactly which apps you want to hide from view.

How to swap around the home, back and apps buttons on the LG G5

Head to the LG G5’s Settings > Display menu, then tap ‘Home touch buttons’. This menu allows you to edit the touch buttons that appear at the bottom of your screen, so you can change their order and choose whether they appear as standard when using apps.

How to make the LG G5 easier to use one-handed

You can use the above trick to add a notifications shortcut to your shortcut bar at the bottom of the LG G5’s screen. A quick tap of this drags down your notifications tab automatically, saving your thumb the strain of reaching to the very top of your display.

How to quickly load the camera when the LG G5 is hibernating

By default, you can quickly load the G5’s camera when the phone is off by double-tapping the volume down button. This boots you straight into the camera, bypassing any security setup, so you can snap away. To access the rest of your phone, you’ll have to enter your usual PIN or password, or use your fingerprint.

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How to free up some storage space on your LG G5 by deleting junk files

The G5 comes with microSD memory card support, so you can expand the on-board storage at any time, but you might still want to clear out those crappy, useless files that are simply taking up space on your LG phone.

Open LG’s Smart Doctor app and you’ll see how much of your internal storage is filled up, in the top left section. Give this pie chart a tap and the G5 will automatically figure out what can be dumped from your temporary storage, as well as revealing the contents of your Downloads folder (a haven for useless rubbish you’d forgotten about).

Give each one a tap in turn and you’ll be able to clean up your storage right there and then.

How to extend your LG G5’s battery life

LG has included a Battery Saver feature on the LG G5, accessed directly via a pre-installed app. You can activate this by tapping on the app and then tapping the slider switch at the top of the screen. Note that Battery Saver will only kick into life when your G5 drops to the specified battery percentage, which can be changed inside the app with the first option.

There are two different tools that help to extend your battery life. The first, ‘Restrict apps in background’, prevents apps that you’re not directly using from downloading updates and carrying out other tasks that sap your battery life. The second, ‘Block use of Always-on display’, obviously disables that always-on screen when the G5’s battery hits the pre-set level.

If you head to LG’s Smart Doctor app and tap ‘Diagnose’, you’ll notice that there’s a ‘Charging’ section at the top. This gives you tips on how to prolong your battery life (if it thinks you need help) as well as offering advice on the best phone practice to keep your battery healthy.

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How to cut down your data use on the LG G5

Head to the Smart Doctor app and tap the ‘Diagnose’ button at the bottom of the screen. In here you’ll see a section marked ‘Mobile Data’.

The Mobile Data tool shows you which apps are eating up your data, and takes you to the G5’s data settings. If you think an app is using up more data than it should and it’s an unnecessary app that you’ve downloaded, we recommend restricting its background data privileges. Just give the offender a poke and then tap the ‘restrict background data’ slider button that pops up. With this enabled, the app can only use WiFi for jumping online, not your precious mobile data.

LG G5 tips and tricks video

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