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Best LG phones you can buy in 2017

We round up the best LG mobile phones you can buy in 2017. From LG’s new premium flagship smartphone, the LG G6, to the more budget-friendly LG handsets which offer great value for money, these are the best LG devices for you.

LG might not be as popular as fellow Korean manufacturer Samsung when it comes to smartphone tech, but dive into its back catalogue and you’ll discover a strong range of innovative mobiles. LG was one of the first companies to offer a phone with a 3D screen, modular mobile technology and secondary screens for notifications, for instance.

In 2017, you can pick up a solid range of LG phones covering pretty much every budget. Here’s our pick of the best LG mobiles you can either buy right now, or coming soon here in the UK.

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Best LG Phones 2017: LG G6

The LG G6 is LG’s first big phone launch for 2017, and its latest flagship device. This mighty 5.7-inch mobile offers QHD+ visuals, with a supremely crisp 18:9 display that’s pretty much ideal for watching movies on the move. With support for Dolby Vision HDR video playback, you’re guaranteed absolutely gorgeous visuals and future-proof compatibility. 

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But those strong media chops are just the tip of the iceberg. The G6 also offers LG’s super-flexible new camera tech, blistering performance and an attractive (if slightly chunky) finish. You get plenty of storage space, which is fully expandable. And the G6 is even fully water resistant, so can survive a tumble into fresh water.

Head over to our LG G6 hands-on review for more info.

Best LG Phones 2017: LG G5

Although the LG G5 wasn’t exactly a raging success, we still have a soft spot for this chunky flagship phone from 2016. Offering modular expandability before the likes of Moto Mods came along, the LG G5 had plenty of neat ideas packed into that metal frame. You could replace the battery at any time, for instance, while the dual-lens camera captured gorgeous shots and offered a unique perspective via its wide-angle lens.

You can pick up the LG G5 for a discounted price from many UK retailers now that the LG G6 is imminent.

Check out our in-depth LG G5 review.

Best LG Phones 2017: LG K4

This 4.5-inch smartphone is pleasingly compact and can be picked up in 2017 for just £60 from the likes of EE on Pay As You Go. That makes the LG K4 an ideal replacement or secondary handset, or even a full-time phone for any users who aren’t particularly demanding.

This affordable LG smartphone offers a respectable everyday user experience with some standout talents that feel as though they punch above their weight. For £99, you get a compact 4G handset that sports a decent primary camera and impressive battery life. We wouldn’t recommend it for media consumption, however, with its lacklustre display and paltry internal storage.

Have a gander at our full LG K4 review for more info.

Best LG Phones 2017: LG K8

The LG K8 is a solid all-round affordable mobile which costs just £99 here in the UK, rivalling other budget blowers like the Vodafone Smart Prime 7. If you’re after a no-frills everyday handset or a dependable second mobile for taking to festivals and the rest, we’d happily recommend it at this price point.

As well as satisfyingly smooth performance (given the low, low asking price), the LG K8 (or ‘LG Kate’ as we affectionately dub it) gives you a respectable camera for your daytimes snaps. That hardy design means it’ll survive a fair bit of punishment, while the decent 5-inch 720p screen is a respectable way to enjoy some YouTube on the go.

Take a look at our full LG K8 review for more info.

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Best LG Phones 2017: LG X Power 2

If you want a phone for watching movies and shows on the go but you can’t afford the latest super-specced flagship phones like the LG G6, check out the X Power 2 instead. This phone’s spacious 5.5-inch HD screen should provide a solid viewing experience when you’re on the go, while a rather huge 4500mAh battery will hopefully give you a full day of streaming per charge, something few other phones offer.

For more info, head over to our hands-on LG X Power 2 review. We’re yet to fully review the X Power 2, but it’s certainly looking like a solid enough budget blower.

Best LG Phones 2017: LG K10

LG just launched the new K10 budget smartphone at the tail end of 2016, and it’s hitting the UK early in 2017. The LG K10 is the biggest K-series phone from LG and offers a spacious 5.3-inch HD screen, plus a 13MP camera and some reasonable specs for the price.

Check out our LG K10 preview for more info and here’s our hands-on review from MWC 2017:


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