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Best PAYG phones on Vodafone (2015)

Looking for a cheap PAYG phone deal here in the UK? Here’s our pick of the best PAYG smartphones on Vodafone in 2015.

Feeling plush? Best PAYG phones on Vodafone over £300

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a good way to splash your cash if you’re mister or mrs moneybags. The gorgeous screen, premium design, smooth performance and fantastic camera make for a solid all-round handset. And if you really want to show off, check out the Edge and Edge+ models that boast pointless but sexy curved screens.

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Masterful mid-ranger: Best PAYG phone on Vodafone under £300

Samsung is once again the pick of the bunch with its gorgeous Galaxy A3. This metallic mid-ranger boasts good looks as well as a vibrant Super AMOLED panel and excellent battery life, making it solid value for money.

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Budget blower: Best PAYG phone on Vodafone under £200

At just £125, the Smart Ultra 6 is seriously impressive value for money. Look beyond the not-entirely-thrilling design and you’ll find a serious entertainment machine packing Full HD visuals, dependable performance, all-day battery life and a surprisingly strong camera.

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Skint student: Best PAYG phone on Vodafone under £100

Another Vodafone own-brand phone, this time the Vodafone Smart Prime 6. For just £70 you get some surprisingly good camera tech for the price and full 4G support. The Smart Prime 6 is well suited to smartphone newbies and an ideal second handset for those hedonistic weekends.

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