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Best Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories

The Android-equipped Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a hugely successful phone for the South Koreans. It was g awarded handset of the year from a host of websites, including Recombu and Trusted Reviews.

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S2, you might be looking for some extra kit to provide a bit of protection, make the battery last longer or just provide a bit of va, va, voom.

Here’s out pick of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Philips Fidelio AS851

Philips introduced three dedicated Android speaker docks, each with a FlexiDock, designed to adapt to each type of phone. Built-in Bluetooth lets you stream music from your phone to the powerful 2x 15 Watt speakers and the compatible Fidelio app lets you control the phone remotely.

Link: Philips




Samsung Galaxy S2 Case – Mizu Shell in Charcoal
Some cases totally transform the shape of the phone, turning it into something bulky. However this silicon mizo shell from Proporta manages to fit snugly, protecting the Galaxy against scratches and impact, while retaining the slender form factor. Cut outs let you access the charging port, camera and volume control as normal.

Link: Proporta




Klipsch S4A


Philips may have introduced the first Android docks, but headphone maestro Klipsch has brought out the first earbuds especially designed to be used with an Android phone.
Download the free Klipsch Control App to designate commands to clicking the in-line switch, so one-click might be skip and two-clicks back.
At £89.99, these aren’t cheap, but they’re based on the fantastic Klipsch S4 ear buds, which means sound quality shouldn’t disappoint.
Link: Klipsch
We’ve heard from Klipsch that not all commands from the App work with the Galaxy S2 at the present time. Find out more here.

Samsung Desk Stand

Designed to sit on your desk at work or home, perfectly positioing the phone so you can read messages or watch movies in landscape or portrait mode while it charges. The dock has a microUSB input that plugs into the main and 3.5mm jack in case you want to hook up a pair of speakers, along with a volume control.  It’s certainly useful and unobtrusive for offices.
Link: Amazon



MediaDevil Magic Screen protector: Crystal Clear

One of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the screen, it’s a generous 4.3-inches and includes Super AMOLED technology, which means bold reds, greens and blues and dark, inky blacks. The Mediadevil (formally phonedevil) Magicscreen protector,  is a thin film on top which protects against scratches. Of course the phone still responds to touch commands too.
Link: MediaDevil



Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2

One of the biggest criticisms of the Galaxy S2 is the battery, pair a bright screen with push email and it will run out mid-afternoon. One solution is to invest in an extended battery kit, which fits on the back. Yes it adds a bit of bulk, so the Galaxy S2 isn’t quite as slim, but think of the extra hours of conversation you’ll get.
Link: Mobile Fun




Jabra Freeway

Talking on the phone while driving isn’t only dangerous, but it’s illegal. Some modern cars have built-in Bluetooth stereos, if yours doesn’t we’d suggest a Bluetooth speakerphone like the Jabra Freeway. Clipping to your sun visor, the Free connects to the Galaxy S2 via Bluetooth, when a call comes in you can either tap the bottom or use your voice to take the call, so your hands don’t even have to leave the wheel. Three speakers ensure voices are crisp and clear and the Freeway is also one of the better car speakerphones we’ve heard at playing music. It can connect two devices at once and even announces the name of the caller.

Link: Jabra


iLuv USB Power Adaptor
Plugging directly into the mains, this USB Power Adapter lets you charge your Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s very small, so portable enough to take when you go away.

Link: HMV