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Best-selling smartphone company of the last quarter: Results are in

As Nokia attempts to reinvent its catalogue of phones for the smartphone age, it’s been usurped, and kicked on the way down, by Apple and Samsung.

Falling from the top spot to third, this ends 15 years at the top for Nokia, with the publishing of smartphone sales from the second quarter of 2011.

Apple claimed first place, selling 20.3 million iPhones, presumably mostly the iPhone 4, now past its first birthday, whilst Samsung have announced a very healthy 19 million devices sold.

Nokia sold 16.7 million smartphones, and are now pinning its hopes on the technically impressive N9, and it’s as-of-yet unseen range of smartphones running Windows Phone 7. Financial results recently published are difficult reading for plenty of Nokia fans.

Talking to Reuters, Neil Mawston analyst at Strategy Analytics said: “Samsung’s Galaxy portfolio has proven popular, especially the high-tier S2 Android model.”

Strategy Analytics have estimated that the smartphone market would grow 76 percent from a year ago, and it seems that customers are increasingly trading in their feature phones. Given the massive push by phone-makers and phone networks for sub-£100 smartphones – especially running Google’s Android operating system – expect smartphone sales to explode this year.


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