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Best wearables still to come in 2015

IFA 2015 – a massive tech expo in Berlin – kicks off September 2nd and we’re expecting to go hands-on with some seriously sexy smartwatches and wearables, including Samsung’s new Gear S2 and the super-sleek Zenwatch 2. Here’s our pick of the most exciting upcoming smart devices.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung went a little smartwatch crazy last year, releasing a plethora of wearables that all kind of blended into one. Thankfully the Korean giant seems to have realised that quantity often impacts on quality and held off for ages, so we’ve got high hopes for the Samsung Gear S2, which was teased in the below video today.

With its slick Tizen interface and silver design, the Gear S2 could be one of the best-looking and most user-friendly watches of 2015. All will be revealed in Berlin on September 3rd.

Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus’ original Zenwatch was a stylish metallic beast, that like all first-gen smartwatches fell short in a few key areas. A follow-up, the Zenwatch 2, was teased earlier this year with Asus chairman Jonney Shih promising a solid week of battery life between charges – something we’ve only seen on the Pebble Time so far.

Even more web rumblings revealed that there may be two new models of Zenwatch to choose from, sporting the same sexy design as the original. We’ll be sure to get the Zenwatch 2 on our wrists next month for a full write-up.

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Sony SmartBand 2

Sony actually quietly launched the SmartBand 2 this morning, but we should get our mitts on one next month and September also sees its official UK release. Both Android and iOS owners can get involved with this skinny, lightweight and fully water-resistant fitness tracker that also boasts smart notifications.

LG fitness tracker

Earlier today an upcoming fitness tracker from LG was leaked online in blurry photos. This new wearable will apparently sport built-in LTE and Wi-Fi support, so you can be permanently connected, as well as a mighty 1.77-inch screen to check out your notifications and run apps.

Whether it’ll launch at IFA 2015 is anyone’s guess, but with some solid smartwatch work so far (we still love the LG G Watch R), we reckon LG can turn some heads with whatever it has in store.

Watch out for our full IFA 2015 coverage, with big phone launches from the likes of Sony and Motorola, from September 2nd.


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