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BlackBerry 9800 pictures leak: Touchscreen slider not as hideous as we thought

An early production model of the long-rumoured BlackBerry slider handset grew bored of waiting and snuck out for a quick photoshoot with big BlackBerry fans

We’ll admit that when we first heard that RIM was working on a touchscreen slider, we were expecting some hideous behemoth of a phone, an unholy BlackBerry brick with tacked-on touchscreen. Sorry RIM – we take it all back. These photos actually look pretty good.

Although still slightly reminiscent of an HP iPaq, it’s not as chunky as it looked from fuzzy early leaks. These pictures show an altogether sleeker handset, with a touchscreen Qwerty option as well as the slide-out keyboard. There’s a definite Palm-ish element to the BlackBerry 9800’s curves, too.

BlackBerry OS 6.0 also improves matters with its updated design elements and multitouch as we saw back in April. And let’s not forget that which so many BlackBerry users are pinning all their hopes and dreams on: that WebKit browser.

[via BGR, Gizmodo]


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