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BlackBerry blackout rears its head again, fix incoming soon says RIM

The BlackBerry blackout has reigned supreme for another day, with beleaguered users still unable to access BlackBerry email and internet services.

RIM issued a statement last night, confirming that the outage has hit subscribers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

This second outage was caused by a “core switch failure within RIM’s infrastructure”, designed to act as a back up in the case of system failure. Obviously it didn’t work.

RIM has said that “a large backlog of data was generated” as a result and its working “restore normal service as quickly as possible.”

RIM still hasn’t told us exactly what caused the outage in the first place but given the scale of the outage you’d assume that the problem is due to something central to RIM’s operations. We’ve been told that progress is being made on the backlog, but there’s no ETA as to when it’ll be cleared and services will be restored just yet.

Obviously we’ll be hearing more from RIM in the days to come; we’ll of course keep you posted.

Update: One Mobile Ring managed to speak to BlackBerry MD Stephen Bates at the BlackBerry Innovation Forum in London. Bates said that is “working hard around the clock to resolve the issue” and that and RIM is “not going to stop until [it gets] to the end of the problem”.

Bates also mentioned that RIM will “continue dialogue through carrier partners”, with regards to announcements which will also be released via “updates on Twitter and Facebook”.


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