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BlackBerry Bold 9790: Hands-on pictures, video and first impressions

RIM announced two new BlackBerry phones earlier this morning, the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and the BlackBerry Curve 9380. We got to have a quick play with them both just now and have snapped as many hands-on pics and video as is possible.

First up is the Bold 9790. This is actually launching today in Indonesia, but BlackBerry told us that we won’t be seeing Bold 9790 here in the UK until early next year.

There’s no more specific release time frame for this yet, nor which of the networks will be carrying it. Eagle eyed viewers; make what you will of the network name at the top of the screen here.

In terms of specification, it’s virtually identical to that of the Bold 9900 save for in three key areas; design and dimensions (109.9 x 59.9 x 11.43mm) processor speed (1GHz) and screen size (2.45-inches).

Other specifications then, are as follows: 5-megapixel camera (720p HD video recording, single LED flash) 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, digital compass and an NFC chip.

As such we were told that it’s going to be a fair bit cheaper than the Bold 9900 is. With this in mind and the early 2012 ETA, we’d expect to see it for free for around the £30 a month mark with included BlackBerry Internet Service.

So we’re not expecting to hear anything about the Blackberry Bold 9790 price or launch date ‘til January 2012. We will of course keep our eyes peeled and keep you in the loop if we hear any more.

Check out our Blackberry Bold 9790 video here.

A 3.5mm headphone jack sits on the top left hand side of the BlackBerry Bold 9790.

On the opposite side there’s a volume rocker and a dedicated shutter key.

The micro USB connection sits at the base of the phone.

You’ve got to take the battery out to get at the microSD slot (sadly) but it’s pretty easy to put in and out, thanks to the pliable nature of the blue rubbery plug.

The Bold 9790 is a tightly-packed phone, owing more to the more recent Curve and Torch phones in terms of style and design.

It’s fairly lightweight, but as we said, compact. We’d not immediately freak out if we accidentally dropped it. The back cover, though not posh metal, has a nice matt texture to it and it doesn’t feel cheap.

The 5-megapixel camera, like that of the Bold 9900, reocrds video at up to 720p and has a single LED flash.

BlackBerry OS 7 is all present and correct here; so you get the nice Liquid Graphics icons and the same overall layout as you do on the Bold 9900. The overall user experience between the two phones felt virtually the same.

We like the touch and type combo RIM has gone for here with it’s latest range of BlackBerry Bold phones. Qwerty fans get the typing experience they know and love and you get easier web browsing thanks to the touchscreen.

We really like the keyboard of the BlackBerry Bold 9790. Two shift keys on either side of the keyboard (yay) and for our money its as easy to type on as the Bold 9900 is, despite the keys being a hair smaller.