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Carphone Warehouse leak shows the Motorola Xoom 2 priced at €399

It’s been a few weeks since we heard anything about the Xoom 2, but looks like it will indeed be with us in time for the holidays.

A tipster sent Engadget a nice photo of the Xoom 2 on one of Carphone Warehouse’s catalogues. There aren’t any specs or juicy details, but we do get a price, at least in Euros: €399.90.

Otherwise, it still looks like Xoom 2 will be 8.2” as opposed to 10.1”, and will be sporting corners similar to the Motorola RAZR. It will be running Android 3.2 and will come with 16GB of storage.

On past leaks we’ve seen the Motorola branding suggest it’s a tablet designed to be used in portrait instead of landscape, but the Carphone Warehouse images have branding on the horizontal plane too. Curiouser and curiouser.

No mention of of a release date, but we’re willing to bet the Xoom 2 will be landing very soon.

Source: Engadget