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Castle Creeps Tips and Tricks: How to conquer this tower defence iOS/Android game

Castle Creeps TD tips and tricks guide (iOS/Android): This colourful tower defence game for iPhones and Android mobiles can be pretty tricky if you don’t have the right strategy. Here’s our full tips and tricks guide, to help you beat Castle Creeps.

Like most mobile tower defence games, Castle Creeps TD starts off nice and gentle but quickly toughens up, with hordes of merciless warlords and ogres storming your defences to ruin your day. No worries though, because our Castle Creeps tips and tricks guide has plenty of handy hints for getting ahead in the game.

If you haven’t checked out Castle Creeps yet, it’s free to download for Android devices, iPhones and iPads. So get to it.

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Castle Creeps tips and tricks: Stay loyal for maximum rewards

Like pretty much all of these free to play mobile games, you’ll get the most out of Castle Creeps by logging in every day. Each consecutive day that you open the app gives you a Tower Chest, which boasts up to three items that can help with your quest.

Castle Creeps tips and tricks: Fight with brains, as well as brawn

Each enemy type in Castle Creeps is distinct, with its own strengths and weaknesses. Luckily you don’t have to guess what these actually are; the game’s developers have rather kindly included a ‘Creep Book’ which tells you all about each enemy you encounter.

Remember that different defensive structures, not to mention heroes, work better against different creatures. If you’re struggling with a level, use the Creep Book to figure out the best strategy for defeating the onslaught. Bear in mind that the type of armour an enemy wears plays an important factor on which weapons will have the maximum effect.

The Goblin Saboteur is a particular pain in the arse, with its endless supply of dynamite. These wee buggers can take down your defences all too easily if you let them, but thankfully they’re vulnerable to all towers, so make sure you take care of them as soon as they appear.

Castle Creeps tips and tricks: Replay old levels to become more powerful

Levelling up your heroes and towers is a vital strategy for conquering Castle Creeps’ more tricky levels. Not only does levelling up your heroes give them more health, a more fierce attack and so on, but it also grants them some game-changing powers. Meanwhile, more powerful towers will take down enemies in far less time, letting fewer ogres and goblins past.

Replaying old levels that you’ve already conquered helps you to level up your warriors and also allows you to collect more resources, which can give you the upper hand in those later battles. Those Hero Chests in particular will come in handy.

Castle Creeps tips and tricks: A helping hand

Another common feature of these free to play mobile games is the ability to invite friends to play the game. In Castle Creeps you can link the game to your Facebook account and get other gamers involved, and there’s a good reason to do so.

If you run out of sentinel charges mid-battle, your buddies can send some your way to help out. Likewise, you can send some charge to them – and we recommend doing so when you have charge to spare, if you expect them to help you out in return!

Castle Creeps tips and tricks: Boss battles

Those warlords can be tricky to take down, but the developers of Castle Creeps have this tip for you: “Be sure to make use of your elixir boosts and reinforcements to take these behemoths down!”

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