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Best free Disney games for Android and iPhone

We round up the very best free Disney games that you can download and play on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad. From match-3 puzzle games to virtual board games and theme park creators, these are our favourite Disney mobile games that are free-to-play.

Here at Recombu HQ we’re just massive kids (after all, we essentially get money to play with gadgets and mobile games all day long). Which of course means that we love everything to do with Disney. We’re not even sick to the back teeth of that Frozen song yet. Honest.

Luckily there’s a strong selection of Disney mobile games that you can download and play on your iPhone or Android phone right now, and all for free. Most of these games are Disney-fied versions of other popular mobile games, including Bejewelled and Peggle, but starring your favourite Disney characters and set in the Magic Kingdom.

Bear in mind that although these Disney mobile games are free to download and play, they do include In-App Purchases (IAPs). This means you can pay real-life money for in-game resources through the game stores. Thankfully you don’t need to spend a single penny to enjoy these games, but parents might want to set the player age to below 18 when the games first load up. This prevents access to IAPs.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match

This match-3 puzzle title is free to download right now for Android and iOS devices. The aim of the game is to link together identical gems in order to remove them from the grid. Of course, like all match-3 games, it’s all about those massive combos and strategic use of bonus items to clear the whole thing at once.

Gameplay is fast and fun and you can unlock a great selection of playable characters from the Beauty and the Beast universe. On top of that, you can collect coins by beating levels, which can then be used to decorate Belle’s castle with funky furniture. Not a bad little incentive for mastering this Disney title.

Have a gander at our Beauty and the Beast Perfect Match guide for all you need to know.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Disney Magic Kingdoms

If you’ve ever fancied having a crack at building your own Disney theme park, then Magic Kingdoms for iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles is a must-download game. Magic Kingdoms has you setting up your very own amusement park filled with popular Disney attractions and characters. But things take a sinister turn when the Disney villains take over the park, leaving you to not only keep customers happy but also drive out the evil forces.

Check out our Disney Magic Kingdoms game guide to see more on this mobile game, including our essential tips and tricks to get started.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot

If you love a bit of Peggle Blast on your iPhone or Android phone, Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot will immediately be familiar. This action puzzler sees you blasting snowballs from the top of the screen to complete specific objectives. For instance, one level might have you clearing all of the red blocks by smashing them with your frozen projectiles, while the next level will task you with freeing snowmen trapped in icy prisons.

There’s a massive selection of levels to blast your way through, and things get pretty challenging after the first couple of dozen. Thankfully there are treasure chests packed with power-ups and other goodies to help out. Frozen fans will get an especially big kick out of this fun Disney mobile game, as Olaf, Elsa and the rest of the crew all show up to say hi.

Check out our Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot game guide to see more info on this great Disney action puzzler.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Disney Magical Dice

Magical Dice is a Disney-style virtual board game which sees you throwing dice and collecting cards to beat other players. Each card sports a different Disney character, with Top Trumps-style stats, and playing a card dresses up your game avatar in a super-cute costume. We particularly love the Stitch onesie.

Take a look at our Disney Magical Dice game guide for our in-depth look at this brilliant virtual board game.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Disney Emoji Blitz

Emoji Blitz is a Bejewelled-style Disney mobile game for iPhone and Android, which sees you connecting three or more identical Disney characters in a line. Each character has been emojified (if that’s even a word), and when you unlock one to use in the game, you also unlock them in the Disney keyboard. This keyboard can actually be used on your phone, to message Disney emoji to your pals.

Emoji Blitz again offers a ridiculous amount of levels to blast through, each scored out of three stars. The further you progress, the bigger the challenge. Luckily your lives regenerate quite quickly, so you can come back after a quick break to try again.

Have a gander at our Disney Emoji Blitz game guide for full info on this awesome puzzle game, plus our starter’s tips and tricks to beat every level.

Best Disney games for iPhone and Android: Disney Dream Treats

Disney Dream Treats is another fun free-to-play Disney mobile game. Like Emoji Blitz it involves linking up identical objects, in this case delicious cartoon treats. However, this time they don’t have to be in a straight line. Instead you can trace your finger through as many treats as possible, changing direction and even going diagonally.

Variety is fantastic, with level objectives changing up constantly. One Dream Treats level might see you removing specific candies from the board, while the next demands that you move marshmallows into bowls of dipping chocolate. And with hundreds of levels to complete, Disney Dream Treats will keep you hooked for hours and hours.

For more info on Dream Treats, take a look at our Disney Dream Treats game guide, which also includes tips and tricks to beat every level.


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