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Chrono Trigger coming to iPhone and iPod Touches next month, just in time for Christmas

See what we did with the headline there? Chrono Trigger, the celebrated RPG of the SNES era will be heading to iPhones and iPod Touches in December.

A post on Square Enix’s European blog reveals that the classic game (which, to his eternal shame, this writer has never played) will be available from the App Store, though there’s no word on price or exactly when this will land.

25th of December wouldn’t be a bad date, for those unwrapping a fresh iPhone 4S ‘neath the tinselly boughs.

Still no word on when Chrono Trigger will be coming to Android phones (along with Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy I and II).

So if you’ve been given a Galaxy S2 or a Sensation XL, you might have to wait awhile. That is, if you want to play the official version [Legal Disclaimer: Recombu does not support piracy].

However much Chrono Trigger costs, we’ll inevitably end up getting it. It’s one game we’ll definitely playing over the holidays. You know, between bouts of Skyward Sword, Skyrim and Christmas dinner.

Source: Square Enix via Pocket Gamer