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Clash of Kings Guide: How to get started if you’re a new player

In our Clash of Kings beginner’s guide, we reveal the developer’s tips and tricks to help new players to get started with the game. Here’s how to build up a powerful castle, train your troops, get started with research, join an alliance and more.

Just started playing Clash of Kings? Need a few hints and tips to build up your castle and stop everyone from kicking your arse and stealing your resources? Here’s our Clash of Kings starter’s guide, giving you tricks direct from the game’s developers.

Upgrade your Clash of Kings buildings

A crucial strategy early on in Clash of Kings is building and upgrading your key buildings, which in turn allows you to create and store resources, recruit and train your soldiers and so on.

The castle is your main building and by far the most important. You will need to upgrade your castle to unlock new buildings and bump up the level caps for existing structures. When your current buildings are as good as they can possibly get, i.e. they can’t be upgraded any more, you’ll know it’s time to upgrade your castle. Note that structures such as walls are directly linked to castle upgrades.

You’ll also need to upgrade your sawmill in order to produce and store more wood, another crucial element for building upgrades. And to make sure that your resources aren’t constantly being plundered, and to cut the time needed to upgrade a building, we recommend joining an alliance (see later in the guide).

Train up your soldiers and forge them some decent equipment

If you don’t have a solid, well-fed army, then your castle might as well have a big sign on it saying ‘free loot here’. And of course, without a lot of soldiers you won’t be able to go forth and conquer.

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll actually need your soldiers to go out and gather resources for you. You should therefore train up heavyweight troops, who can carry a lot more stuff. And make sure that you build enough farms to sustain your army, as underfed troops are definitely not happy troops.

Make sure you arm your troops with decent equipment too, as even the most gifted soldiers will fall in battle if they’re underequipped. You’ll need a blacksmith to forge new weapons and armour, and don’t forget that high-quality tools will need high-quality materials.

Research science

To get ahead in Clash of Kings, you’ll really need to pull on your lab coat and start researching science as soon as possible. This has an impact on all kinds of game mechanics, including city development, military supremacy and so on. With science you can create resources more quickly (essential for building upgrades) and train up your troops even faster, so you’ll be a force to reckoned with in no time at all.

Note that alliances have their own science research, which members of the alliance can donate to.

Join an alliance

A crucial tactic for doing well in Clash of Kings, especially in the early stages of the game, is to join an alliance. This affords you all kinds of essential benefits, including stronger defence, faster building upgrades and access to the alliance store.

Check out our guide on how to join or create an alliance for more info on the benefits involved.


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