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Did Samsung use iPhone screenshot on a promotional website?

It appears Samsung could have used screenshots taken of the iPhone in promotional activity for it’s Galaxy Player 50 media player.

A promotional shot on the Samsung website is startling similar to one from the iPhone.

John Gruber writing on his Daring Fireball blog comments: ‘Scroll down a bit on Samsung’s website for the Galaxy Player 50 and you’ll see this image, which shows a maps interface that’s just an ever-so-slightly-modified rip-off of the iPhone Maps app.

Gruber updated the post later stating that it appears Samsung may have taken the original image from a 2008 blog post by designer Laura Scott.

We’re not sure quite how this could happen. Apple Insider reports that it could have been a placeholder image used before the final one was available.

However a company as big as Samsung shouldn’t be making mistakes like this, especially considering ongoing legal battles with Apple.

At this point in time Apple is currently suing Samsung in multiple countries for copyright infringement regarding the iPad.

A district court in Dusseldorf ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab can’t be sold in Germany. At the time an Apple spokesman said:”This kind of blatant copying is wrong and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

Since then the Tab 10.1 has been banned from sale in Australia, although yesterday it was revealed Samsung was trying to block iPhone 4S sales in Australia and Japan.

We’ll bring you more news in this saga, as soon as we get it.

Via: Pocket Lint Via: Apple Insider