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Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot: Tips and tricks for beating every level

Our tips and tricks guide for Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot reveals all of the hints, cheats, hacks and tactics you’ll need to get started with Disney’s Peggle-style mobile game for iOS and Android. Get three stars in every level, unlock loads of gold coins and master the power ups to beat the game.

Disney has released a solid collection of mobile games for iPhone, iPad and Android phones, and the latest is Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot. Here’s everything you need to know about Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot, which stars your favourite characters from the Disney movie Frozen.

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What is Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot?

Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is a mobile game similar to Peggle Blast, which sees you launching bouncy snowballs from a cannon at the top of the screen. Your objective changes in each mission, but usually involves clearing all of the red-coloured blocks, knocking gems to the bottom of the screen, helping snowmen to break free of their icy prisons and so on.

Don’t mistake this game for Frozen Free Fall, which confusingly is an entirely different entity. Frozen Free Fall is a gem-matching game, much like Bejewelled, rather than a Peggle-style title. Icy Shot has to be downloaded separately, and you don’t need to have played Frozen Free Fall in order to enjoy Icy Shot.

How can I play Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot?

You can download Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot right now for your iPhone or iPad from Apple’s App Store. Alternatively, if you have an Android phone or tablet, you can find the game in the Google Play store.

In both cases, the game is completely free to download and install. It’s rather big however (60MB) so you should first make sure you’re connected to a WiFi network if you don’t have lots of data in your mobile plan.

Does Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot contain any In-App Purchases (IAPs)?

Yes, Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot contains In-App Purchases. You’re asked to verify your age when you first open the game, so be sure to enter an age under 18 if you don’t want your kids to see the IAPs.

Real money can be used in Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot to buy gold coins, which are the game’s currency. These gold coins can be used to buy more lives and so on, but aren’t necessary to play and enjoy the game.

Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot Tips and Tricks Guide

Struggling to beat a certain level and advance in Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot? Here’s some tips and tricks to help out.

How to get three stars in any level

If you’re struggling to get all three stars in a Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot level, try beating the objectives as quickly as possible. If you have lots of snowballs remaining at the end, these will likely grab you a big score during the Free Fall bonus round. Those snowflakes that pop up at the bottom of the screen are worth 500 points a pop each time they’re hit.

Another way to get a big score is by creating a score multiplier ball. You can do this by bouncing a snowball off 20 ice blocks. Try bouncing a score multiplier ball off as many bumpers as possible to really boost your points.

Troll gems

In the Icy Shot levels where you have to drop the troll gems, you can pick from two main strategies. You can either try and smash the blocks from underneath them, if there’s a pretty clear path to the bottom, or else you can knock the gems themselves sideways. Try rebounding off a wall or block onto the gem to send it skittering quickly across the screen.

Power ups

Remember that if a ball bounces off both sides of the screen, you get a free fireball that can burn anything with a single touch. That’s incredibly useful in levels with wooden blocks.

Likewise, if your ball bounces around for twelve seconds or more, you get a free mega-snowball that is much bigger than a standard snowball. That’s handy for clearing a large, crowded portion of the screen in one quick and easy go.

Really struggling with an Icy Shot level? Try using one of the special power ups, selectable before the level begins. These will give you an advantage during play, but they are limited, so use them sparingly!

Keys and coins

Don’t forget to log in every six hours to claim your free spin from Icy Shot’s main menu! This will give you keys, which in turn unlocks your choice of chest. Save up for the gold chest each time, which usually delivers handy power ups or coins.

Random Icy Shot hacks

If your ball gets stuck somewhere, i.e. it can never reach the bottom of the screen, then it will get recycled back into your cannon. That’s worth bearing in mind when playing levels with unbreakable blocks, as a means of getting a free ball.


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