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Disney Magical Dice introduces national teams and rankings

Disney’s popular virtual board game, Disney Magical Dice, now ranks each country’s players and gives you the chance to represent your homeland globally in a National Team.

If you’re playing Disney Magical Dice, then get ready for an update that introduces a new national ranking feature into the app. This will show you where you rank amongst all of the Magical Dice players in your country, with the top 100 players automatically entered into their National Team. Andof course there are goodies and bonuses at stake.

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How does the new Disney Magical Dice national ranking system work?

National ranking isn’t a continuous thing. Rather, it’s split into a number of ‘seasons’. Each season lasts a week, with an in-game timer counting down to the end. You can see where you rank in your country during this time, with ranking based on your class and number of points earned since the start of the season.

What is Disney Magical Dice’s new National Team feature?

When each national ranking season ends (basically, when the timer hits zero), the top 100 players in each country will be entered into the land’s ‘National Team’.

As well as earning you ‘additional benefits’, entry into the National Team gives you the chance to represent your country in the Disney Magical Dice global rankings. The points earned by each player in the National Team are tallied up and every country is then ranked according to their final total.

The top three countries in the global Disney Magical Dice league will be crowned the champions, and all players from those countries (not just the National Team) will receive a special bonus.


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