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Disney Magical Dice Tips & Tricks Guide: How to win without spending real money

Our Disney Magical Dice tips, tricks, cheats and secrets guide will help you master the game without paying up real-life money for those In-App Purchases (IAPs). Here’s how to get the best deck of cards and dice, how to level up effectively, how to get more gold, diamonds and magic items, and how to win loads of points to top the game’s national ranks.

If you’ve just got started with Disney Magical Dice, or you want to know how to get the best possible deck of cards and max out your points, gold and magical items, without spending any real money, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our guide to the best Disney Magical Dice tips, tricks and cheats, with some special help direct from the game developers!

What are the best cards in Disney Magical Dice?

Wondering how to get the best Disney Magical Dice cards, or how to figure out which of your cards are the best? Well, luckily they’re ranked according to their stats, with ‘A+’ being the best, ‘A’ being the second best and so on. You can check your deck of cards at any time in the collection menu, and you’ll notice the class is clearly displayed in the top left corner.

A+ Stitch and A+ Buzz have the best stats, so aim to get these as soon as possible.

Developer Tip: If you get two A class cards, you can fuse them together to make an A+ card. Note that you will lose the two original cards when you do so.

How to get an A class card in Disney Magical Dice

By logging into Disney Magical Dice and playing every day, you should soon win your very own A class cards. With lots of play and practice, it’s easy enough to build up a powerful deck.

A sure-fire tactic is to win premium costume card packs, which usually come loaded with A class cards, is by taking part in the Disney Magical Dice daily missions. You can get A class packs by taking part in practice mode, and you also get an A class pack when you reach level 10.

How to get an A+ card in Disney Magical Dice

You should eventually win some A+ class cards with lots of play and practice, but there’s another way to bag yourself an A+ card too. Simply fuse two A class cards together and they will disappear and give you an A+ card.

How to get better dice in Disney Magical Dice

Overall there are eight different dice to collect in Disney Magical Dice and some of them are more powerful than others, which gives you a serious advantage over your opponents.

The best dice is of course Mickey’s (who else?). You can bag yourself the Mickey Dice by paying 170 diamonds in the game, so you better get saving. Check our tips below to see how to get lots of diamonds quickly.

Developer Tip: Don’t waste your time and resources levelling up the standard, default dice. Instead, pick a high-stat dice and focus on maxing that out.

How to get lots of diamonds fast in Disney Magical Dice

Luckily diamonds can be won in all sorts of ways in Disney Magical Dice. You can complete daily in-game missions, participate in the daily Lucky Bonus mini-game and so on. If you login to your Disney Magical Dice account every day, you will also get free diamonds on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th days.

You can also win diamonds by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game. See the section on Facebook below for more info.

How to get lots of gold in Disney Magical Dice

One major way to build your gold reserves is to simply play the game, and win. Each Disney Magical Dice victory rewards you with a pot of coins, to save or spend. The higher your level (rookie, minor or major), the more gold you’ll win (1000 for rookies, 2000 for minors and 5000 for majors). And if you win a game during Gold Hot Time (which happens twice a day), then you’ll double your winnings.

As with diamonds, you can get some free gold by logging into your account every day. Days 1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22 and 25 will net you a pile of gold (either 10,000 coins or 20,000 coins, alternating each time).

Completing missions also gets you some gold, so check out the daily missions if you have time.

How to get magic items in Disney Magical Dice

Magic items can have a big impact in your game, giving you all kinds of benefits including boosting how far you can move around the board and doubling your salary.

Leveling up your class A and class A+ costume cards can net you magical items, as can the premium magic item draw.

How do I connect my Disney Magical Dice account to my Facebook account, and what benefits does this give me?

Pairing with your Facebook account gives you some serious in-game benefits. Right off the bat you’ll get three premium costume card packs, simply by connecting your Facebook account. You can also receive diamonds depending on how many friends you invite to the game.

Head to the Facebook section of the app and tap ‘Connect’ to set it up. You can then head to ‘Add friends’ to get your mates involved, and reap the benefits.

How does the Disney Magical Dice national ranking and national teams system work?

Check out our full national ranking feature for more info on Disney Magical Dice’s latest update.

Other Disney Magical Dice tips, tricks and cheats to be the best

Don’t buy any buildings on the first round. Instead, try and acquire places where three buildings have all been built. However, you should also keep an eye on the other players’ resources. If they have lots of gold, don’t build three buildings.

On your first lap of the board, you should also avoid festivals. 

Magic items work better if you’re higher level, so make sure you play plenty to up your level. Be aggressive with those magic items as they can really turn a game around.

If you want line completions, then try and bag the magic squares first.


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