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Facebook: ‘There is no Facebook Phone’

We guess the phone didn’t stop ringing at Facebook HQ, as head of business development, Dan Rose, was forced to make a statement on rumours of a HTC-made Facebook phone.

Reported by City AM, then followed up by everyone, including us, we were expecting to see a Facebook-coloured HTC Android phone, with Facebook branding tatooed across it.

It all sounded a little shaky, and wasn’t helped by some factual gaffes in the same article. Fortunately, Rose told Reuters that it was, “…really just another example of a manufacturer who has taken our public APIs and integrated them into their device in an interesting way.”

This makes sense, as HTC’s latest phones already connect well to Facebook accounts, adding extra details and pictures to your existing phonebook. Incidentally, HTC was the manufacturer of Google’s first phone, the Nexus One.

When asked directly, Rose told journalists that there was no HTC-branded Facebook phone in existence. But we’d tried really hard on our mock-up photo, what a waste!

Facebook has said around 250 million users per month access the social network on mobile devices, with Facebook apps now available across a whole range of smartphones. Facebook has even recently released a downloadable app for cheaper feature phones.

A leaked spec sheet from phone-maker INQ suggests that they are looking to release their own heavily Facebook-centric phone.


Via: Reuters


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