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Fancy Cats Tips & Tricks: How to build your cat collection

Our Fancy Cats game guide shows you how to get more coins and gems quickly, beat the Match 3 mini-games and build your cat collection.

Fancy Cats is an addictive and super-cute game that should keep feline enthusiasts glued to their iPhones, as they adopt and play with a colourful collection of kitties and deck them out in hats, accessories and other cosplay goodies.

Of course, to expand your cat empire you’ll need to be pretty good at the Match 3 mini-games. Here’s how to master Fancy Cats, with our tips and tricks guide including hacks direct from the game’s developers.

  • First, you’ll need to complete as many missions as possible to boost your Fancy Cats resources like gold, gems and fish. Swipe to the far left screen and you’ll see some cats sat in a ring; these are your missions. Blaze through them all and you can watch an ad for more, to keep on going; else just wait a little while until the mission countdown hits zero and they’ll automatically replenish.
  • In each ‘reward box’ mission, you just need to drop at least one of the boxes to the bottom row of the grid in order to successfully complete it and gain experience. If you don’t drop all of the boxes down, you’ll be asked if you want to spend gems on another five moves. If you’ve dropped one or more boxes, you’re best off ignoring this and saving your precious gems.
  • Whenever you get the chance to link four or five items in the Match 3 games, do it. This gives you a super-explosive item of the same colour, which wipes out an entire row when removed. That’s a quick, easy way to get a box to the bottom of the grid.
  • Feeding your cats is super important, to keep them from wasting away and growing deeply unhappy. To do this, drag your finger from the fish bowl at the bottom left of the screen and drop somewhere on the environment. Watch your Fancy Cats scamper over and feast.
  • After a quick and easy way to grab some extra resources? Just log into your Facebook and Twitter accounts through the game.
  • Don’t forget to log into Fancy Cats every day, to claim your free rewards (which on day seven is a brand new kitty!)


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