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Foldable Samsung Galaxy Skin to become a reality? Flexible AMOLEDs may be coming Q2 2012

When we first clapped eyes on the foldable Samsung Galaxy Skin concept we reached for the jar of salt we keep between the desks here and took a hearty pinch.

The concept phone was listed as having an 8-megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera a 1.2GHz chip and 1GB of RAM. This would make it about as capable as a Galaxy S2 on paper, only with a super-flexible body. It could be an alarm clock! It could be a wrist watch! Or not…

Sure enough, Samsung has been working on flexible displays; we saw one in action during CES this year. But while a screen might indeed be flexible, things like camera lenses, processors and memory chips aren’t.

That said, International Business Times is saying that Samsung is producing flexible AMOLEDs, with a view to them being ready for devices by early summer (Q2) in 2012. This has prompted speculation that the Galaxy Skin may well come riding out of concept art land and end up on real-world shelves by this time next year. We’ve reached out to Samsung for confirmation or this and further information on its flexible screens and are waiting to hear back.

Though we think the flexible screen is cool, we’re not sure about the viability of foldable phones; it’s make certain parts of the screen difficult to access. And any mechanism with any kind of hinge or folding action is liable to break with natural wear and tear. What do you think? Is there room in your life for a flexible friend? Or is this something that should stay in the world of concept art and not make it to the production lines?

Source: IBT via Ubergizmo