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Galaxy S6 UK tariffs: which is best for you?

Tesco Mobile and Virgin lead the charge on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge contract costs, revealing that the awesome S6 will cost from £31 a month – but the Edge unsurprisingly will rock a steeper price. We round up the rest of the UK providers’ monthy contract prices and what you get for your cash…

Update: SIM-free costs are £599 and £760 for the entry-level Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. So, yeah. Vanilla S6 for us, cheers.

Virgin – cheapest contract, technically

If you’re on Virgin Media then you can bag the Galaxy S6 on a £31 a month contract from Rich Branson’s company, with no up-front charge for the handset. For that you get 250MB data, 250 mins and unlimited texts each month.

The Galaxy S6 Edge can be had from £48 a month, for the same deal.

However, if you’re not on Virgin Media, you’ll have to pay an extra £5 a month for any of Virgin’s contracts, which means you’ll get a better deal at…

Tesco Mobile – cheapest contract if you’re not on Virgin Media

If you want to pick up Samsung’s impressive new flagship phone (check out our full Galaxy S6 review if you’re still not convinced) when it launches on April 10th here in the UK, it’ll cost you from £36 a month – the cheapest tariff we’ve seen, from Tesco Mobile.

That contract price bags you 1000 minutes, 5000 texts and 2GB of data each month (providing you take advantage of Tesco’s Double Data offer, which runs until May 21st), and you get 4G included at no extra cost.

However, if you fancy the weird curvy-edged sibling, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it’ll cost you a little more. For the same deal, you’ll need to spunk out a mighty £43.50 a month for the Edge. Is the extra cash worth it? Well, there’s no denying that the Galaxy S6 Edge rocks a seriously cool look and feel, but we’re still not entirely sold on the limited uses for the funky edging. And of course, the screen doesn’t actually bend all the way around, stopping halfway towards the edges.

Vodafone – best ‘freebies’

Vodafone also just revealed Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge prices, and they’re a considerable chunk more expensive than Tesco Mobile. The Galaxy S6 can be yours from a whopping £48.50 a month, although at least you get 7GB of data and unlimited minutes and texts for that outlay, plus free Spotify, Sky Sports or Now TV. The S6 Edge costs £53.50 a month for the same deal.

Three – best for travellers

The Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB model can be nabbed from £39 for all-you-can-eat minutes and texts and 1GB of data, rising to £47 if you want all-you-can-eat data too. You’ll need to stump up £49 for the handset too. If you want to upgrade to a 64GB handset, throw an extra £4 on top.

Fancy the Edge? The 32GB with the same 1GB contract will cost you £48, while AYCE data costs £55.

Of course, Three’s contracts are going to be more attractive if you spend a lot of time travelling, thanks to its ‘Feel at Home’ offer. This allows you to take your minutes and data away with you to select countries, including America, France and – from next month – Spain.


EE’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge contract prices are similar to Vodafone’s, especially the S6 which costs £43.49 a month with a £49.99 handset charge. For that you get unlimited minutes and texts and 4GB of data, but you miss out on the bundled entertainment packages.

The S6 Edge costs £49.99 on a £53.49 monthly contract (we’re omitting the ‘just’ that the press release included in that sentence), but you get a boost in the data allowance to 20GB, so you can stream movies to your heart’s content.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge reviewed

Check out our full Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review for our full thoughts on this curvy creation.


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