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Handgrip iPhone charger improves your golf skills and battery life

There’s a huge market of charging accessories from third-party manufacturers; speaker docks, cradles, car chargers and even solar panel systems, but never have we seen golf clubs. A fan of concepts here at Recombu, we’ve come across a product from industrial designer Mac Funamizu, whose general portfolio has a certain air of Apple about itself.

Swing 1

Whilst perusing his ‘Green Gadgets’ page, we found the ‘Handgrip Phone Charger’, a kinetic charger concept with a selection of handles that help you work on your swing whilst you generate charge for your phone. Working on the same principles as an induction torch, the user can convert the kinetic energy of the swing into electrical energy to power their electronic devices.

The added benefit here is that the handles also have sensors which provide telemetry into the iPhone. As the user swings, data is recorded and then displayed when the handle is charging the phone, the data shows information regarding the angle and force of the swing which a user could make use of to help improve their golf swing for example. Mac has in fact included a number of different handle designs to represent different activities, but the logic behind the concept is solid and who’s to say we don’t see more ways to make use of kinetic charging in our daily lives in future.

Swing handles


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