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How to copy music to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

How to transfer your music albums and MP3 tracks to your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone, from your PC/Mac computer or Apple iTunes account.

Copy music from Windows PC or laptop to Galaxy S6 Edge+

Moving your songs from a Windows computer to the Edge+ is thankfully a piece of cake.

First, hook up your Galaxy S6 Edge+ to your PC or laptop using the micro USB cable. Then open a Windows Explorer window by hitting the Windows key and ‘E’. Scroll down to ‘Devices and Drivers’ and you should see the Edge+ listed – just double-click that icon and then browse to the ‘Music’ folder.

In another Windows Explorer window, find the folder with your music files stashed in it and then simply drag and drop the files you want onto the Edge+ window. They will be copied across.

How to copy music from Windows PC or laptop to Galaxy S6 Edge+

If your S6 Edge+ refuses to appear in Windows Explorer, try unlocking your phone and then pulling down the notifications bar. You should see a notification that says ‘Connected as [whatever], Touch for other USB options’. The phone needs to be connected as a media device to show up on your computer, so if it isn’t already, tap that option and change it.

Copy music from Mac computer or Macbook to Galaxy S6 Edge+

Mac users need to head to the Android website and grab Android File Transfer, a free piece of software which can quickly and easily copy music files and other junk to and from your S6 Edge+. Once that’s installed, the app should pop up as soon as you plug your Edge+ into your Mac using the micro USB cable.

How to copy music from Mac computer or Macbook to Galaxy S6 Edge+


If Android File Transfer doesn’t pop up for whatever reason, just go to your Mac’s Launchpad and find the app to manually open it.

In Android File Transfer you’ll see a list of directories on your S6 Edge+. Find the folder called ‘Music’ and simply drag and drop your music files from your Mac onto that folder, and they’ll automatically copy across.


If you want to copy your iTunes music onto your Edge+, you can use the drag and drop methods detailed above if your songs are already stored on your computer (just find the iTunes folder on your PC or Mac, which is specified by the software).

Alternatively, you can download Samsung’s Kies software and install that on your Mac or Windows PC. This allows you to drag and drop direct from iTunes, to copy your music straight onto your Edge+. Just open Kies, plug your phone into your computer and away you go.


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