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How to get the best mobile phone deal

Take your time – It’s 10pm and you get a phone call from a mobile phone reseller offering you the deal of a lifetime. Before you sign up to anything ask if you can call back and if you can’t, hang up the phone. It’s common to be contacted by your network or a third-party company when you’re due an upgrade but don’t rush into a new deal. Do your research first.

Minutes, texts and data – In order to get a good deal you need to know how you’re using your mobile phone. Ask you current network to tell you how many minutes and texts you’re using, and ask about data usage too. Find deals that match up to what you’re using and then start thinking about what phone you want.

Do you need an expensive phone? Smartphones are great but if you’re just after a simple phone then don’t get caught in the hype. Yes, it’s great to have a phone with a brilliant camera and GPS but they can be very expensive. Read as many reviews as you can and if you don’t really need a tonne of features then save yourself some money and pick a simple phone.

Haggle with your operator – A great way of getting a good deal from your mobile operator is telling them that you’re prepared to leave if it doesn’t offer you a better deal. Use our deal tool, for example, to find a deal that suits you and then ask your operator if it can match it. Keep in mind that you can hang up the phone at any time if things aren’t going your way.

Recycle your old phone – Believe it or not but your old phone could be worth hundreds of pounds. Have a look on a third party recycling site, such as Envirofone, to see how much you could get for your old phone/phones. You might find that you’ll get enough to pay for that expensive smartphone that you’ve been dreaming of for months.

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