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HTC change their minds again, Desire will get Gingerbread Android update (again)

HTC has backtracked its recall of the software update on its ageing HTC Desire, following hundreds of Facebook, forum and Twitter posts. 

It seems that the outcry has had an effect, and the Desire, which already grabbed an update to Android 2.2, is back on track for Android 2.3 AKA Gingerbread.  Don’t hold your breath for the Wildfire, mind.

Now, whether this means something gets cut out of the HTC Desire to make space (HTC previosuly said it was a lack of memory that meant the phone couldn’t run both Android Gingerbread and HTC Sense) we’re yet to find out.

We’ve been in contact with a HTC spokesperson, who has just recently received the flipped decision from HTC’s global arm, and were told they were “literally just dealing with it.”

We’re expecting to hear a few more details later today. We’ll update here when we get them.

Via: Android Community


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