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HTC Desire announcing Android 2.3 Gingerbread rollout next week, some HTC Sense features face the chop

HTC Desire owners hanging in there for news of Android 2.3 Gingerbread coming should be getting updates rolled out at some point next week, according to a recent post over on the company’s Facebook profile.

The update to an earlier post dated from the 14th of this month reads:

“A quick update on this, we’re planning to release the rollout timeframe for the new Gingerbread ROM for Desire (GSM) early next week. Thanks for your patience.”

It looks as though in order to make room for Gingerbread, some HTC Sense features are going to have to be axed from the Desire.

In not forcing an over the air upgrade, HTC is effectively giving customers a choice – stick with HTC Sense on your Desire and keep Android 2.2 or make the leap of faith, load the Gingerbread ROM and lose some HTC Sense features.

HTC Sense is the best looking Android custom UI out there hands down. So we can understand why some people would want to hold back. But then again some of the Gingerbread features – better download management and cut ‘n paste especially – might be enough to tempt some Desire owners to abandon all Sense (excuse the pun – it’s Friday).

We’ll be keeping an eye on the update procedure for this, how to install the ROM and what Sense features will be lost as a result. Something to look forwards to after the weekend for sure.

Source: Facebook

Thumb image credit: Flickr user dichohecho


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