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HTC One ‘mini’ coming in August, according to Bloomberg

Photos of the HTC One ‘mini’ leaked out last week, and now Bloomberg says that the phone is indeed coming sooner rather than later. The publication reports that HTC is readying the ‘mini’ for a release sometime in August, confirming the smaller 4.3-inch display in the process. Just like leaks suggested, the ‘mini’ will feature a “lower resolution” screen than the HTC One – most likely 720p rather than 1080p.

Above: The HTC One ‘mini’ on the left, HTC One on the right

HTC seems to be readying the phone in response to handsets like the Galaxy S4 mini, although the specs of that particular handset left a lot to be desired. The leaks for the HTC One ‘mini’, however, seem to portray a more desirable device. HTC looks to be using the same design as the One, and a smaller 4.3-inch display with a relatively high resolution 720p screen will be a blessing for anyone who’s been seeking a more manageable phone.

Other specifications for the One ‘mini’ are said to include a dual-core processor provided by Qualcomm, along with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and a 4-megapixel “UltraPixel” camera. That would feature the same technology included in the HTC One, doubling the size of the pixels on the sensor to increase low-light performance. Dual front-facing speakers are also reportedly on board, and LTE will supposedly be along for the ride too. Battery capacity is said to be just 1,700mAh, however.

If HTC does intend to release the handset in August, then we should be seeing an official announcement in the next month or so. We’ll bring you all the details when they break.

Spotted at Android Police


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