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HTC sees slightly improved profits in Q2 2013

HTC’s financial results for the first quarter of this year saw the manufacturer just barely turning a profit, but at least things have picked up ever so slightly in the second quarter. The Taiwanese company has released its preliminary Q2 earnings this morning, with Reuters reporting that the creator of the HTC One managed to generate NT$70.7 billion (around £1.56 billion) in revenue.

Of course, profit is the name of the game at the end of the day. HTC did manage to improve on last quarter’s palty NT$85 million (around £1.84 million) profit, this time taking in NT$1.25 billion (around £27.6 million) after tax. The company launched the HTC One during the second quarter, no doubt contributing to that bump in profit. That growth may be short lived, however, as the phone has to deal with fierce competition from Samsung’s flagship for 2013, the Galaxy S4.

Even with the release of the Galaxy S4, it’s disappointing to see the HTC One not helping to turn the company’s fortunes around more significantly. The majority of smartphone sales happen in the first month, so the results don’t bode well for HTC if the One has only managed to generate a minor surge in profits.

Still, HTC isn’t done for the year. Rumours suggest that the phone manufacturer will soon release a smaller version of the HTC One, dubbed the HTC One Mini. There have also been reports of a large, 6-inch version, first described as the HTC T6, then going on to be known as the HTC One Max. Reports have suggested that the HTC One Mini will be announced sometime in August.


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