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HTC Sensation gets convincing video sell: Sense 3.0, Watch, and high-def weather!? (VIDEO)

HTC have unveiled a new video showcasing their forthcoming dual-core Sensation.

We’ve included the video, which highlights what we can expect from HTC Sensation when it hit its release date (initially on Vodafone) later this week. It’s even getting the jaded lot at Recombu Towers excited at the prospect.

When we first laid our eyes on it, we were wowed by the build quality of HTC’s new flagship smartphone. It has a new contoured glass display- and it’s gorilla glass, so it’s not going to get damaged easily. HTC are also trumpeting its unibody aluminium design; which should make the frame lighter than it looks.

Arriving with a new version of HTC Sense, Android Police have even made a video collecting together the new weather widget animations, see below, and it looks like it could be another feature to wow friends and family with.

Expect that dual-core processor to make a noticeable difference when you’re running multiple apps, gaming and internet browsing, while the new active lock system gets you to the where you want to go quicker; drag an icon on the lock screen, and your phone will launch straight into it.

Similarly, the Sensation camera is promising instant capture- no more missing the moment with a slow sensor. It looks like HTC are looking to push Nokia and Sony Ericsson for king of the cameraphones.

You can also record full HD video, something we’ve seen on the Sensation’s rival, Samsung’s Galaxy S2, which is already in shops.

HTC’s new video download store, Watch, will be available on the Sensation, alongside their new tablet, the Flyer. You’ll be able to watch films and other content on the high resolution qHD screen, or stream through HDMI and DLNA. Lose your connection whilst streaming? HTC Watch will make sure you’ll be able to watch back from where you left off once you’re connected again.

They missed a trick not adding an INXS backing track, but we hope to get our hands on the HTC Sensation in the next few days for review; have you got your pre-order in?


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